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Terms & Conditions

The subscription year

The subscription year corresponds with the financial year 1 April to 31st March

Renewal of subscription within a year any time.

Member may be renewed without loss of continuity or incurring a penalty.

Member can register and renew subscription current year and upcoming year

Annual Subscriptions

Membership Fees


Package fees for Persons

VIP 6000 2 persons

Diamond 4000 2 persons

Golden 3000 2 persons

Silver 2000 2 persons

Every Member should reserve his site before two days of programmer.

Members don’t get entry without membership card or entry card.

After missing membership card. Member can issue duplicate card. Duplicate card fees 50 rupees

Ticket do not require below three year child. (If separate site require then ticket compulsory)

All right reserve to organization about any changes in term and condition


Refund Policy

There is no provision to refund subscription fees and renewal fees to member.

Subscription fees and renewal fees annually and no refundable in any condition.